World Cat 255 DC

World Cat’s best model has been 250 DC, & it is for a good reason: She has roominess of deck boat, the stability of pontoon boat & cock pit space of fish express boat. But this does not mean that 250 DC can not be improved on & World Cat did that exactly with new 255 DC. For this model there is 25% of more cock pit space & it mixes along with transom walk-through making it dive capable boat, has some room on helm console for 12” (or 30.5 cms) inches display & lot more.

Mission For World Cat 255 DC

Designing team at World Cat is set out for improving upon the 250 DC which is popular already by giving even more of space in cockpit, giving more of seating, & improving helm. At the core, mission of 255 DC is for continuing for being versatile plat form for the off shore fishing, diving, cruising, & other water sports. As she is pretty rugged, stable, & sea worthy she does strives for being boat of the choice of the offshore discerning boaters.

World Cat 255 DC

The distinguishing features

Few of distinguishing features aren’t really specific for this boat as they’re with the catamarans generally. 255 DC has made a good catamaran even better. In marketplace the competition will mostly be mono hulls, and hence we’ll dispense along with obvious features that are distinguishing.

Totally redundant systems.  Getting twin hulls lets you separate all systems & effectively make mirror image amidst port & star board hulls. Obviously you need 2 separate systems of propulsion, but also 2 separate systems of electrical & 2 two separate systems of fuel (hundred gallons/378.5 litres each). It’d be very rare for having boat like this one to get stuck off shore & not be able for limping off home under power of her own.

Lots of space.  The catamarans have roominess which no other monohull boat of this size matches. If you’d bring your family and friends on board you will literally have adults hanging out, & even dining @ bow (this is realm that is reserved normally for kids) while the other members in party can be diving, swimming, or lounging around in cock pit.

World Cat 255 DC
Standard hard top. Fiber glass hard top isn’t an option any more but it is relegated to standard features & includes opening hatches, courtesy lights, & double gusseted supports which also serve as the functional hand holds.

Dive plat form. There is a sturdy platform of swim centered between 2 outboards & along with optional railing & heavy-duty ladder, World Cat makes things very easy for getting in & out of water even when there are double tanks. All that is missing is option for the racks of dive tank. Such a platform is just possible in catamaran as out board engines are wide spaced apart.

The stability – This is where  World Cat 255 DC has the mono hulls stopped cold. As most of the off shore boats for size range are really deep-V – usually having something from 21 to 25-degrees of the dead rise @ transom, they do roll when they are at the drift fishing, rest, or any slow trolling. Rock n roll is really fun on dance floor & most of the seasoned anglers are used to aboard the mono hull off shore fish boats. However, most of the spouses have not.

Standard Major Features

The easy transitions. If you are looking for boat which swaps out between the hard-core fishing & dedicated fun of family, World Cat 255 DC does fits your bill really well. The features of fishing are hidden beneath nicely comfortable cushions and hence if while you are converting back to the family fun, it is a bit more hosing down, drying off, and putting cushions back.

More room for electronics – Helm is redesigned for accomdating twelve inches or thirty cms multi function display apart from the multi function gauges of engine. Apart from this, the boat comes with unique ability for adding the electronics in front of station of observer along with spaces that are molded in that are mounted in to head door are well angled for facing captain. You can go ahead and put flat screen fish finder in here for letting the observer have one hand for finding good spot of fishing.

World Cat 255 DC
Star board & port bow the lockers of anchor. Along with 2 lockers of anchor you get to carry tiny anchor of “lunch hook” & heavier 1 along with some 20′ or so of the chain to work harder. The adjustable height bow table. The table can be used for having lunch on the board and you can lower it for converting this area that is used for the lunch on board & you can lower it for converting area in to sun lounge having filler cushion. Fresh water pump-out electric head. Instead of getting Porta-Potti as the standard, this World Cat 255 DC comes with toilet of china bowl & 10-gallons holding tank & over board discharge. Fold-away aft seat. Fold-down dual aft seats having back rest cushions give you seating for the cruising & are out of way while fishing. 100 percent composite hull. There isn’t any wood used in deck, hull, or transom of 255 DC.

Performance & Handling

For acceleration there is 12-degree minimal bowrise which gives you clear view of horizon. With hulls having really narrow entry you get to really feel lack of the resistance while going through water. I, unfortunately, tested on calm, flat day & I am saying unfortunately as World Cat boats have good reputation of handling practically anything which Mother Nature can throws @ them. This is not simply talk; I have verfieied this in earlier models which I got from this company. Going through wakes of the passing yachts did verify my opinion that it is just one more example of out standing off shore boat.

World Cat 255 DC
Speed up on the rough. Narrow entry of the hulls lets them to slice through waves instead of ride up & over them, or for pounding in to them. Due to this, my experience was that when going gets really rough, slowing down isn’t necessarily a correct move. I’ve found this speeding up actually gives better penetration through waves & hull takes flow very easy. Additionally this speed serves for carrying the hull off from 1 wave & directly in to next after maintaining good level attitude which I find really comfortable.


The Mono hull owners say that cats does lean out while turning, so let me address it. Cats turn really differently as compared to mono hulls, how can it be same? While entering turn in 255 DC this one has tendency for lean to out side of turn, & once turn gets established, she will complete turn @ level of attitude.

World Cat 255 DC

Different strokes

That out side tilt may be a bit disconcerting initially but it does not take really long for getting used to it. After around 15 minutes things were pretty natural.

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