Alweld Boats – For Consistent Quality and Tough Aluminum Boats

Alweld Boats manufacture some of the most respected and preferred aluminum boats in the boating industry. They were founded in the year 1979 by a duo of brothers, both of whom had welding backgrounds. The company was founded with the idea of building one of the toughest aluminum boats available in the market.

Alweld Boats and their boats parts are designed by using the newest CAD software. This provides a high degree of consistency, accuracy and repeatability (for dealer). They have one of the widest standard boat varieties of configurations available. These different configurations will help the customer to select the boat which closely matches his needs and still keep the boat cost to a minimum.

The Alweld 1648VVLA is of the Jon Boat type of category. This boat measures 16 feet in length. This boat uses a single propulsion type. The hull of these Alweld Boats is constructed of aluminum and they are powered by a gasoline motor.

Some of the other features of the Alweld 1648VVLA include optional sides and floor, a 41/2 mud tunnel and a 21/2 performance tunnel, pontoon lights, a light switch which is located in the rear corner, a harness for the trolling motor as well as a bracket for the trolling motor.

The Alweld 1648VVLA boat also has trim tabs, a TM bracket, a throttle bracket, a rear lid, storage of full width which is built in the seat itself as well as an in built Rod/ Gun box. It also has a center console of Jon boat, an extra knee brace, a heavy gunnel, a rail split as well as a rear seat.

The Alweld 1548VVLA also falls into the Jon Boat category. This model was manufactured in the year 2008. It is a powerboat. The 1548 boat measures 15 feet in length. The beam measures around 5.8 feet. The boat is designed for use in freshwater.

The hull material of this boat is constructed of aluminum. In fact all of the boats by Alweld, like Alweld 1548VVLA are constructed using an aluminum body. These boats are useful for a number of fishing and other boating activities. As the Alweld 1548VVLA is a powerboat, it has a lot of performance to offer. It is great for some water sporting activities also.

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